Yogscast Story

Who are The Yogscast?

The Yogscast are a network of talented and entertaining YouTube producers’ committed to bringing the best in gaming entertainment to the world. The main Yogscast YouTube channel is the largest in the UK, being the first ever UK channel to hit one billion video views.

Originally formed in 2008 as a way for Lewis to share Simon with the world, The Yogscast started off life providing some of the most respected World of Warcraft boss guides to-date. In early 2009, the duo founded the #1 ranked podcast, the YoGPoD - a show featuring hilarious banter and tales from Simon’s past along with special celebrity guest such as Warwick Davis.

In 2010, Simon and Lewis showed YouTube viewers across the globe how to survive a night in Minecraft. This went on to form the basis of one of the most popular serialized shows on YouTube, The Shadow of Israphel.

Now The Yogscast is much more than just two of the internet’s funniest men; made up of numerous video producers and channels with countless Yognau(gh)ts providing their loyal support - The Yogscast is becoming a way of life!

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