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{"id":635467,"code":"hq3rvbZJxf8c","filename":"yogscast2-00048-The_Walking_Dead_Season_2__9__-4eAE9xUwz0g.mp4","title":"The Walking Dead Season 2 #9 - Sarita","description":"We've found a ski lodge, but there's a storm coming...\n\nEpisode Two release dates:\n● Steam (worldwide) - Tuesday March 4th\n● PlayStation 3 (North America) - Tuesday March 4th\n● PlayStation 3 (Europe) - TBC\n● Xbox 360 (worldwide) - Wednesday March 5th\n● iOS (worldwide) - Thursday March 6th\n\nMeet the Yogscast at Rezzed:\n\nEndsplash Info:\n● The Walking Dead Playlist:\n● Skyrim Playlist:\n● Haunted Memories/Fright Night Playlist:\n● SUBSCRIBE:\n● Hannah's Facebook:\n● Twitter:\n● Forums:\n● Hannah's Sub-Reddit:\n● Yogscast Gear:\n● Music by Kevin Macleod:","category":"Games","duration":991,"show_name":"Walking Dead","show_name_internal":"walking-dead","episode":50,"library_id":1003,"library_name":"yogscast2","view_count":208928,"original_published_at":1394150400000,"uploaded_at":null,"created_at":1394221817000,"youtube_id":"4eAE9xUwz0g","blip_id":"AYOcjkYC","blip_episode_id":"6751970","code_first_episode":"kMXG8miNsbyW","code_next_episode":"XRPM4qPaeyy1","tags":["dead","girl gamer","girl gaming","Hannah","hannah plays","lomadia","telltale","telltale games","The Walking Dead","The Walking Dead (comic","The Walking Dead (Video Game)","The Yogscast","walking","walking dead","yogscast","yogscast 2","yogscast hannah","yogscast lomadia","yogscast2","yogscasthannah"],"exclusive":0,"collection_slug":null,"survey_id":null,"survey_details":null,"collection_details":null,"time":"16:31","thumbnail":"","user_logged_in":false}

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Walking Dead

We've found a ski lodge, but there's a storm coming...

Episode Two release dates:
● Steam (worldwide) - Tuesday March 4th
● PlayStation 3 (North America) - Tuesday March 4th
● PlayStation 3 (Europe) - TBC
● Xbox 360 (worldwide) - Wednesday March 5th
● iOS (worldwide) - Thursday March 6th

Meet the Yogscast at Rezzed:

Endsplash Info:
● The Walking Dead Playlist:
● Skyrim Playlist:
● Haunted Memories/Fright Night Playlist:
● Hannah's Facebook:
● Twitter:
● Forums:
● Hannah's Sub-Reddit:
● Yogscast Gear:
● Music by Kevin Macleod:

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